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Maintain - Has a slimming and firming action which limits the storage of fat by acting on Lipolysis stimulation. Recommended for use after a Bioslimming course or can also be used after weight lose to help maintain your results.


A true chocolate elixir to control the body contours and limit fat storage by acting on Lipolysis stimulation. You will love it!

Control Shape has a slimming action, while improving the appearance of skin’s firmness. Formulated with Theobromine (Theobroma cacao extracts) and Frigidyl, Control Shape limits fat storage by acting on Lipolysis stimulation and provides a long lasting refreshing effect.
It also helps smooth the skin for a more contoured appearance and youthful look.

Cacao is well known for its relaxing properties, it contains molecules able to stimulate the release of B-endeorphines (”pleasure molecule”) by human keratinocytes.

USAGE:- Bioslimming Control Shape should be used once you’ve completed your Bioslimming Program.   It can be used once or twice a day on legs, buttocks, thighs, arms and abdomen.  Apply and slightly massage cream on the area to be treated and rinse hands.

• Bioslimming Active Slim Gel
Active Slim Gel dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulite, acts on skin firmness and induces fat burning which directly targets those unsightly fatty deposits. 
• Bioslimming Active Slim Cream
Active Slim Cream offers a dramatic breakthrough in the reduction of rebel fat from the hips, stomach, waist and arms. This slimming and contouring cream is an advanced treatment that also improves the appearance of stretch marks.
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Ultra Slim Effect is extremely effective at slimming and enhancing weight loss. It improves circulation, has anti- inflammatory properties and reduces the feeling of “Heavy Legs”.

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Troublesome Cellulite? Bioslimming is an effective answer when it comes to tackling the unsightly appearance of dimpled skin

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Clinical Study

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The primary objectives of the study were to evaluate the slimming and anti-cellulite effects of the BIOSLIMMING treatment after a single application.

93% of the subjects found that their skin was smoother; 86% found that their skin was softer, firmer and felt more comfortable in their body, cellulite was visibly attenuated in 81% of subjects. 100% felt that it corresponded to expectations and enjoyed the treatment.

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