NEW Advanced Formula - Lipolytic fat burning effect. Decreases fat storage and Increases fat elimination with skin firming effect.



• Draining and detoxifying gel
• Ultra fresh touch.
• Ideal for tired legs.
• It gives a silky and smooth skin.

Formulated with draining essential oils of grapefruit and red tangerine, this very fresh gel stands out for its effectiveness and performance. It gives a silky and smooth skin.

This gel performance is based on a combination of powerful active ingredients that act instantly and on the long term thanks to plants and seaweeds extracts with well-known stimulating properties on blood circulation.

Its light texture has no no sticky effect. This draining and detoxifying gel is a very fresh gel which relaxes and relieves tired legs.


• Erases cellulite
• Global slimming treatment
• fat storage decrease + fat elimination
• Action on cellulite + skin microcirculation
• Skin firming effect

A delicious pink silky smooth texture erasing the appearance of orange peel skin and encouraging the elimination of excess water. Formulated with three high-powered active ingredients night Minceur will help refine your figure by acting at several levels:

Boosts lipolysis, thanks to the pre-lipolytic action of a pink pepper extract

fights against cellulite (fat burning, stimulation of collagen synthesis)

Improves skin microcirculation to reactivate the elimination of waste that accumulates in the tissue, due to the compression of blood vessels by large-sized fat cells. Formulated with a moisturising active ingredient, makes it the perfect ally for minimising cellulite and dimpling, without dehydrating the skin.

*Clinical test conclusion /Lipogenesis test and visualization of product effect Evaluation of the effect of NIGHT MINCEUR on lipogenesis According to the results obtained in test conditions NIGHT MINCEUR tested at 0,025% and 0,05 % decreases respectively -23% and -31% the production of triglycerides in human adipocytes obtained from pre –adipocytes.

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Troublesome Cellulite? Bioslimming is an effective answer when it comes to tackling the unsightly appearance of dimpled skin

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Clinical Study

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The primary objectives of the study were to evaluate the slimming and anti-cellulite effects of the BIOSLIMMING treatment after a single application.

93% of the subjects found that their skin was smoother; 86% found that their skin was softer, firmer and felt more comfortable in their body, cellulite was visibly attenuated in 81% of subjects. 100% felt that it corresponded to expectations and enjoyed the treatment.

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